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About Us

Imagine Theatre is based at the Holy Trinity Church Parish Hall in Cirencester and was set up to address the demand for high quality theatre and drama training that is separate from performing arts and musical theatre. The School has a strong focus on professionalism, career guidance and personal development for those students who want to make drama skills a central part of their ongoing career.

With our younger students we work on the core drama skills; creativity, confidence, interpersonal skills and above all else - imagination. We believe that whether it is your child's dream to be a performer or not, that drama skills are a gateway to a more creativity, self expression, more social confidence and ultimately a happier and more fulfilled child.

With older students we work on focussing their professionalism expanding on their core abilities, their CV development and of course their performance skills. We believe that there is currently a lack of opportunity for teenagers to write produce and perform challenging theatrical pieces and a lack of guidance for parents about how best to help their children progress in the highly complex world of theatre and performance.

Imagine Theatre opens up performance opportunities for young people and helps develop a range of key skills that can be used in all aspects of life.

We Offer

♦ Weekly Saturday classes to improve theatre skills and knowledge
♦ Support for GCSE and A-level Drama / Theatre Studies
♦ Audition technique and monologue development work
♦ Visiting workshops from multi-disciplinary professionals
♦ Guidance for parents and those 16+ in career options and development
♦ Chances to imagine, devise and perform in a variety of theatre spaces
♦ Ongoing support into your chosen career

Places in our weekly classes are limited; classes for older students are advanced and specifically tailored to those young people who consider drama more than a casual hobby. For more information and to see if you or your child would benefit from our training please contact the office.

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